A PIMP’S LIFE by Treasure Hernandez

The life of a pimp: glamorous to some, dangerous to others. Mack sees his life as both.

Born into the street game, Mack makes his living turning girls out. To him, it’s just business, and if it means sometimes he has to be cruel and unforgiving, then so be it. That is until he meets Joi.

Turned out at a young age, Joi is now a seasoned veteran – one of Mack’s top-earning all-stars. When Mack finds himself drawn to Joi, he breaks the cardinal rule of pimping and falls in love.

Joi gives Mack her heart, but happily ever after doesn’t come easy for these two. When Joi decides she’s ready to leave the game, Mack has a decision to make. Will he simply let her go, or will he give the pimp life for the sake of their love?

Find more street lit by Treasure Hernandez.

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