A MAN’S WORTH by Nikita Lynnette Nichols

A MAN’S WORTH by Nikita Lynnette NicholsRandall Loomis and Pastor Cordell Bryson were as close as two blood brothers could ever be. Like peas in a pod, their friendship was unbreakable until Amaryllis Price stepped onto the scene. The moment Randall set his eyes on her, all heck broke loose. Who knew that a woman’s beauty and sex appeal could cause a God fearing, faithful church going, dedicated man, to literally lose everything that’s dear to him?

In this tantalizing, yet heartwarming novel, Randall finds out the hard way, that beauty is only skin deep and everything that looks good to him may not necessarily be good for him.

Amaryllis has a goal; to steal Randall’s heart, kill his integrity, and ultimately destroy his relationships with God, his pastor, and mother. But it is Cordell Bryson who steps on the battlefield and war for his best friend’s soul. Will Cordell’s constant praying, lectures, and sermons, written especially for Randall, keep him from feasting at the devil’s table?

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