16 ON THE BLOCK by Babygirl Daniels

16 ON THE BLOCK by Babygirl DanielsA girl’s 16th birthday is supposed to be sweet, but For Summer Flynt, it was the day that changed her life forever. Young, fly, and beautiful, Summer is under the wing of her older sister Trish, but when Trish steals something that doesn’t belong to her, she gets involved in a lifestyle that she can’t handle. The price to pay is her own life. Frightened and alone, Summer soon finds out that she is expected to pay back her sister’s debt. With the entire neighborhood gunning for her, she is a sheep amongst wolves and only 16 on the block.

Ride shotgun with Summer as she is forced to hit the streets, grow up fast, and learn hard lessons about survival, loyalty, and young love. With $50,000 over her head, who can she trust?

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