YOU KNEW BETTA by Cachet Johnson

YOU KNEW BETTA by Cachet JohnsonNo one said living a double life was easy. When Raimone marries his high school sweetheart and starts a family, he’s still not satisfied. What’s more, Raimone’s wife Sasha doesn’t know that her husband fathered a child right under her nose with his mistress NaTaisha. After four years of sitting on the sidelines, NaTaisha will do whatever it takes to destroy Raimone’s family and control him – even if it means putting him behind bars.

After Raimone is released and a pregnant NaTaisha is found inside her home brutally murdered, the search is on for the killer.

Filled with tension, sex appeal, and real-life events that happen on an everyday basis, the twist and turns of this love triangle will make your jaw drop. You’ll tell yourself: YOU KNEW BETTA!

Find You Knew Betta and more urban fiction by Triple Crown Publications.

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