The Pink Palace II by Marlon McCaulsky

The Pink Palace II by Marlon McCaulskyHell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and if that woman is Nikki Bell, than that means everyone better jump outta the way.

After giving up dancing at The Pink Palace and settling down with her family, Nikki believed she could have a normal life. She was wrong, and now her past is back to haunt her. After things start to go downhill fast, she learns that notorious drug dealer and the new owner of The Pink Palace, Malachi Turner, is the man responsible for destroying her new life. Nikki has no choice but to confront him.

Malachi gives Nikki a dire choice: come back and dance for him or suffer the deadly consequences.

Nikki, desperate for a way out, meets a stripper named Jasmine, a bad girl with a history of mischief and mayhem. The two of them challenge each other to a fierce battle to be the number one moneymaker at The Pink Palace, with drama to spare. When the truth is revealed to Nikki about the reasons why her life took a tailspin, she has no choice but to make uneasy alliances in order to bring Malachi down and escape his grasp.

The question she will ask herself: How far is she willing to go in order to get her life back?

Get the Series:

Book 1: The Pink Palace
Book 2: The Pink Palace II

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