Still Sheisty, Part 2 (Triple Crown Publications Presents)

Some things change – and then again, some things don’t. You can never take the hood out of the homegirl.

In this sequel to T.N. Baker’s Sheisty, we find Epiphany, Keisha and Shana still trickin’ for dough, still running off at the mouth and still being Sheisty. However, as they will soon see, what goes around will come around, and you can’t stay in drama forever. It will all come to a head – one way or another.

Will death really come knocking on Epiphany’s door?

Does Keisha give up on her good girl image for good?

Will Shana find herself in a situation that will claim her man and her freedom?

Still Sheisty will live up to its predecessor, all that and then some. So get ready for the drama.

Get STILL SHEISTY and find more street lit by T.N. Baker.

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