KEISHA by Darrell Debrew

Y’all gon’ pay the price like nobody ever has.

As her mother lay dying in her arms, Keisha vows to herself to seek revenge on those responsible for the brutal, senseless robbery that ended in both her parents’ murder.

Follow Keisha as she discovers Clarence, the man she wanted to dedicate her life to, is responsible for the murders. The one and only goal of her revenge is to make him suffer like she is suffering.

Murdering Clarence and his partner or sending them off to jail just isn’t good enough. As Keisha devises her plan for the most vicious payback, she meets resistance from DC’s most successful and ruthless homicide detective, “The Pinstriped Bitch,” who pressures Keisha to give up the evidence against Clarence.

As Keisha’s thirst for vengeance escalates, she meets Jezebel, a high-priced call girl who teaches Keisha the art of seduction and makes her a brand new woman, helping her get the sweetest revenge possible.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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