INNOCENT by Leo Sullivan

INNOCENT by Leo SullivanInnocent is the epic tale of murder, drugs, sex, and betrayal, suspensefully intertwined. I.C. Miller is a gifted high school athlete with a basketball scholarship from Georgia State University. He leaves behind an up and coming hood-rat named Tamara Jenkins who claims to be pregnant with I.C.’s child. Things take a downward spike when I.C. is charged with rape and murder. He is sentenced to death by lethal injection.

After years of tricking for money, Tamara lands a job as a prison guard with the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta. Soon after, Tamara realizes that her baby daddy is on death row at the prison that she works and will soon be executed for a hideous crime. It is only when she discovers that he may innocent of his crime that she has a choice of either helping her baby daddy, or doing nothing and letting him die INNOCENT?

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