GRIMEY by KaShamba Williams

GRIMEY by KaShamba WilliamsAfter suffering the loss of his little sister, Yatta is determined to find out who is responsible for putting her to rest. With leads pointing in his direction, the first suspect Yatta’s list is her ex-boyfriend Cam. Since Cam is no slouch in the game, to get revenge, Yatta must join up with the grimiest players on the streets of Brooklyn.

El’san and Sweetie, his partner in crime, are both known for setting up and robbing drug dealers for their ‘already made money’. Unaware that the plot is centering on him, Cam is in for a life-altering surprise. The heat turns up when El’san and Sweetie find out that Cam is not the playa he claims to be. In the end, they are determined to find out if getting down right “Grimey” is the only way to come out on top.

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Book 1: Blinded
Book 2: Grimey

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