FLIP SIDE OF THE GAME by Tu-Shonda Whitaker

Look out…cause here she comes!

Stepping to the forefront, award-winning author, Tu-Shonda Whitaker, proudly presents Miz Thing herself, “Vera Wright-Turner!”

“Don’t hate the playah, hate the game!” is the anthem of this gold diggin’ queen. Miz Thing is funny, passionate, and shoots it straight from the soul, as she welcomes you into her life of trials, tribulations, and triumphs of love.

After all, when she first greeted the scene, she was a newborn found in a plastic bag, crying in a trash dump, addicted to crack with a note that read: “Please forgive me, my mother’s only fifteen.” Well, that must’ve been a joke because, Vera’s mother, also known as Rowanda Wright, is a chicken head that Vera Wants no part of. That is, until she meets six feet tall and deliciously fine Dr. Taj Bennett, who takes Vera on a journey that is one to be reckoned with; and this is just the beginning!

So, sit back, relax, and get yourself a drink or two, ’cause Vera has some Spike Lee-Hollywood-Oprahfied shit for ya ass!

You will soon discover that Flip Side of the Game is the story that the literary world has been waiting on!

For Vera Wright-Turner, life and love have been nothing but a “ma’ fuckah”. The first eight years of her life were spent surviving the Lincoln Street Projects with her mother and grandmother, both drug addicts whose first priority was their next high. Vera has seen and been through a lot, and as she puts it, she “was born grown”. She has every reason to cut ties with her past and all the people in it—no matter how good their intentions may be.

Now, life is good. Vera has a tight circle of girlfriends, her Aunt Cookie and Uncle Boy, and the education and beauty shop paid for with her tried and true gold diggin’ ways. She’s had enough hard times, she has learned the hustle, and has no intentions of getting played by love and “stuck on stupid”. Vera comes to realize, though, that no matter what distance she puts between herself and life in the projects, it’s never too far away. When she meets Dr. Taj Bennett, her ways and plays get called into question. She has to decide if she’s willing and able to face her past, take a chance on love, and risk ending up on the flip side of a game she thinks she has mastered.

Some of the transitions and turns of phrase in the book are a little awkward, but Vera’s humor and the descriptions of her exploits and experiences definitely make this worth reading. Tu-Shonda Whitaker delivers a great story line, dialogue, and characters with both wit and grit.

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