ECSTASY by Shavon Moore

ECSTASY by Shavon MooreMeet Ava Marseille, a beautiful but timid young woman from urban Atlanta. From an early age, Ava has had to shoulder most of the financial and emotional responsibility of caring for herself and her younger sister. When a dispute with her mother turns violent, though, Ava finds herself on the street homeless and alone. Left with no other options, she turns to her cold and wealthy aunt and uncle for moral support. It is only when her uncle begins to blackmail her for his own selfish gain that Ava realizes just how little she can trust her family. She has been driven to the very edge of her sanity when she meets Bryce Carter.

Bryce is a handsome and ambitious rookie FBI agent. Bryce seems to have it all: a rewarding career, a beautiful fiancée, and a loving and supportive family. When his path crosses with Ava, he is in the middle of “Operation Crackdown,” a citywide sting aimed at bringing down the most notorious and elusive illegal drug financier in Atlanta. Bryce is being pulled in several different directions as intense pressure in his work and his love life slowly push him into the comfort of Ava’s arms. It is only when Bryce begins to uncover Ava’s many disturbing and dangerous secrets that he realizes his true destiny with her.

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