DOUBLE DOSE by Melvin Robertson

Tyrell Stants is a con man doing time and the only thing on his mind is other people’s money. He is charming and witty and bids off strangers who become his pen pals. He picks his victims carefully, promising love and companionship. He has them all convinced he will be with them upon his release and they truly believe they will live happily ever after with Tyrell.

Unfortunately, he has no intention of fulfilling his promises. Instead, he merely uses his fine looks and charismatic pen game to get his pen pals to send him everything he wants, especially their money.

Will they find out the truth about the man they all love? Will Tyrell get out of prison and change his ways? Will he get away with his con and scam for money through his lies and deception? Or will he become his own victim and get a double dose of his own medicine? You’ll find out!

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