CREAM: A Compilation by Tu-Shonda Whitaker, Danielle Santiago, and TN Baker

Essence Best Selling Authors T.N. Baker, Tu-Shonda Whitaker and Danielle Santiago unite to create a feisty yet Sheisty triple threat novella of love, drama and passion. Cream takes you through the life and times of Wassaun, Bruh and Lovi as they deal with the trials and tribulations of life.

Rollin’ Dice
T.N. Baker

Wassuan Wells has two loves – his strikingly beautiful girlfriend of two years, Enychi Carter, and the dice game. Rollin’ Dice is an everyday hustle for Wassuan. Using the tactic of shit talk and confidence, Wassuan feels he can’t be defeated. That’s until he meets his match – a dude named Tone who possesses just as much confidence and a little too much mouth. This one game may cost Wassuan everything, including his girl.

The Last Run
Tu-Shonda Whitaker

After a two year bid, Bruh comes back to the mean streets of New York bitter, confused and ready to take care of some unfinished business. During his mission, Bruh stumbles across old feelings for his baby’s mama’s best friend, Zion. Through drama and expressing her dislikes for the game, Zion sticks by her new found man’s side. Will she stick around for her man’s Last Run?

Fair Exchange, No Robberies
Danielle Santiago

The sassy, sexy, family business-inherited college student, Lovi, falls for Nicky, a drug dealing king pin who just happens to be her brother’s childhood best friend. Follow Lovi and Nicky as they try to conceal their feelings from Lovi’s older brother, Dough. Will love prevail? Or will Lovi’s life downwardly spiral?

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