Beat the Cross by Leon Blue

Beat the Cross by Leon BlueIn this debut thriller, the first of the Cross series set mainly in South Carolina, Rico Adams devises a plan to steal millions of dollars from an offshore bank account by means of cashing out through a Las Vegas casino a plan that requires lots of gambling money in advance. Because he spends too much time with women and not enough time with his foul-mouth thirteen-year-old son, problems arise in his social life fights, breakups, disappointed son and grandmother. With his tongue-lashing brother and a violent, quick-tempered partner, Rico sets out to steal a couple of bread trucks for one reason: The secret compartments likely conceal something valuable enough to generate gambling money for the casino scheme. A simple theft turns into robbery and murder. The owner of the bread trucks, a former Mafia member named Dan Kapata, craves revenge. Expect the death toll to rise in a story where killers meet the unsavory. Save your guesses; this irregular, suspenseful thriller has far too many criminal surprises.

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