BABY GIRL II by Shavon Moore

BABY GIRL II by Shavon MooreIs this what love has finally driven me to?

These were the last words the beautiful and notorious Kyla Brown spoke before swallowing a lethal dose of prescription medication in Baby Girl. Driven to the edge of her sanity by memories of the sins and crimes she has committed with handsome but dangerous Shard Phaylon, Kyla finds herself searching desperately for a reason to live.

Her saving grace comes in the form of her unborn child – a child who shares both hers and Shard’s blood. When Shard is forced to flee St. Louis to avoid capture and legal prosecution. Kyla is left behind with only a solemn promise that he will not return.

Alone with child, Kyla must now return to the family that she abandoned for Shard. It is only when a dramatic reunion with Shard unravels his intricate web of secrets and lies that “Baby Girl” finally finds the courage and strength to come into her true womanhood.

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Book 1: Baby Girl
Book 2: Baby Girl II

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