A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent IV by Caroline McGill

A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent IV by Caroline McGillA Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent IV Money Makes the World Go Round Money makes the world go round, but can it buy love? Your favorite characters return. The saga continues…

Portia and Jay were a match made in heaven, but Mo Money…Mo Problems ended with America s favorite couple split up. Jay put a younger woman in a ritzy apartment and paid her tuition. Awed by his generosity, she grew a thing for him and spun a web of seduction. Jay slipped inside, and Portia left. He’s despondent and determined to get her back. But his mistress drops a bombshell, and the drama explodes! When the smoke clears, will Jay get his family back, or will Ysatis scheming shut it down?

Things are finally looking up for Laila. She and Casino are in love – and her ex-husband Khalil hates it. Cas stripped him of his pride, so broke and bitter, Khalil has nothing to lose. Are Cas and Laila destined for matrimony, or are plans to live happily ever after farfetched?

Fatima kicked her addiction and got it together. Physically, she s healthy as ever, but emotionally she s still torn. Losing Wise left her brokenhearted. Will she get over it, and be blessed to love again? And Callie s disgruntled boyfriend, Smoke was vexed that Fatima took back the money they stole from her. Will he return to reclaim what s rightfully his?

Inside the pages of this eagerly anticipated EXPLOSIVE finale in the classic A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent series, you ll get lost in a sea of drama and emotions. The first three books were on fire. Things heat up even more in part four!

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Book 1: A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent
Book 2: A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent 2: Money Talks… Bullsh*t Walks
Book 3: A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent III: Mo’ Money…Mo’ Problems
Book 4: A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent IV: Money Makes the World Go ‘Round

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