A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent 2 by Caroline McGill

A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent 2 by Caroline McGillThe characters you’ve fallen in love with return five years later…

Portia, former stripper and lap-dancer from the XXX nightlife, is now a respected author and wife of former thug turned legal self-made millionaire, Jay. The perfect couple. Life is paradise, complete with the house, the kids, and the cars. Then Jay is put to the ultimate test. A close friend is murdered, so he picks up his guns and resorts to his old Brooklyn ways. But in Jay’s efforts to even the score, will he succeed, or get tangled in a detrimental web and unwillingly abandon his family? or will Portia be the one to go?

Laila is like a sister to Portia. She once cheated, but in the end Laila stood by her man. For her husband and children, she broke off her steamy affair with Jay’s partner and reputable right-hand man, Casino. But now with Laila’s marriage falling apart due to her husband’s expensive new habit, will this former adulteress stand by again, or run back to the open arms of her wealthy, now married ex-lover, Cas?

Fatima, also like a sister to Portia, gave up extravagant spending on men when she found love with Jay’s prosperous left-hand, Wise. They’re married now, but it ain’t no fairytale. Wise loves Fatima and their daughter dearly, but can’t seem to curb his insatiable appetite for “you know what”. And don’t sleep, because Fatima has a dirty little secret of her own. Will she and Wise work out their problems, or will infidelity destroy their union, in more ways than one?

In this highly anticipated sequel to bestseller “A Dollar Outta Fifteen cent”, five star novelist Caroline McGill has done it again. Prepare to be intrigued by this fast paced, phenomenal story. Journey inside to see if money really can buy happiness. Find out exactly “what to do” in part two.

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Book 1: A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent
Book 2: A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent 2: Money Talks… Bullsh*t Walks
Book 3: A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent III: Mo’ Money…Mo’ Problems
Book 4: A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent IV: Money Makes the World Go ‘Round

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