WALK LIKE A MAN by Laurinda D. Brown

WALK LIKE A MAN by Laurinda D. BrownLaurinda Brown, known for her racy, yet poignant writing, breathes new life into fiction with Walk Like a Man, a collection of stories that touches on issues ranging from one night stands, long-term femme relationships, bi-curious women, and the effects of childhood abuse.

Strap on your attitude and dive into these pulsating stories from women who love the way you love – living life on the edge and uninhibitedly exploring their sexuality. a tasty collection that blends provocative themes and scenes with intense prose and style, Walk Like a Man will quench Brown’s current fans and bring her many new ones.

After one taste, you’ll think twice on reading it alone. It’s so hot with passion you’ll need someone to cool you off!

Different women, Different voice. Different reasons to Walk Like a Man.

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