TWISTED by Tracy Brown

TwistedCeleste Styles is starting over. After losing her cherished salon in auspicious fire, she leaves her adulterous relationship and her drama filled-life in Brooklyn for the peace and tranquility of Atlanta, Georgia. But when her ex-lover, Rah-Lo, leaves his wife, Asia, and heads south, Celeste is floored and isn’t quite sure if she wants to rekindle their affair.

Meanwhile, Asia is hell-bent on revenge. Vowing not to let Celeste get away with her man that easily, she, too, heads to Atlanta. But just on her heels is Ismael Wright, ready to save the day and warn his best friend, rah-Lo, about his vengeful wife – though Ismael also has something up else his sleeve.

Secret betrayals are exposed, bitter rivalries explode, love is lost and found. Life will never be the same on the streets of “Hotlanta” is Tracy Brown’s epic new urban drama.

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