TOPLESS by Relentless Aaron

TOPLESS by Relentless AaronWelcome to Fool’s Paradise, where the women are devious, the men are ruthless, and the raw, undeniable climate of smut dominates. This is Douglass Gilmore’s kingdom, a family business that grew to become one of New York City’s premier adult clubs. But money, power, and seduction make for an explosive combination – and something dangerous is about to go down…

The most famous stripper at Fool’s Paradise has been gunned down in the parking lot. Was it a lover’s quarrel? A rivalry between jealous dancers? Or a deliberate attempt to destroy the man behind the curtain? Douglass has won plenty of enemies in the business. Now, with the cops, the FBI, and the mob at his door, everything is on the line… and Douglass has only one chance to defend the family empire – or lose it all.

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