From the outside looking in, Adon is winning the race we call the game. He’s a member of an elite organization called The Convolution and the epitome of Money and Power. However, he does not have closure in the tragic death of his parents. For years he has been fighting nightmares even prescription drugs could not rid. The sudden disappearance of his ex-girl and their beloved daughter only add fuel to the fire.

His right hand, Shamrock, is 80 percent action and 20 percent thought. For him, the answer to any problem usually ended with a body. The two of them complimented each other well. But when the only man that Aldon has pledged allegiance to, Nitty Calhoun, proves with deceit that Shamrock is a Judas, Aldon is forced to take fatal action against the only friend he ever had. Unfortunately, for Nitty, his trickery comes to a halt when a surviving member from his past surfaces and divulges critical facts to Aldon. Subsequently, he declares war and the city is set ablaze by his fury!

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