THE REASON WHY by Vickie M. Stringer

THE REASON WHY by Vickie M. StringerLet That Be the Reason was the breakthrough debut novel that became an urban-lit classic and launched Vickie Stringer’s career as bestselling author and publisher. Imagine This was the bestselling sequel and now comes the prequel The Reason Why, the long-awaited revelation of how Pamela and Chino became an urban contemporary Bonnie and Clyde.

Pamela was a naive coed from Detroit, going to classes by day and clubs by night. The hottest spot was Jazzy Jay’s, and that’s where one of the guys slipped his gun into her pocketbook, knowing the police who had just descended on the club wouldn’t check the girls for weapons. She didn’t know his name or anything other than he was cute and charming. But when she tracked him down to return his property, she found out his name was Chino; his game was hustling; and his plan was to make her his woman, his wifey, and give her more than she ever bargained for out of life, love, and the pursuit of money.

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