SUGAR WALLS by Brittani Williams

Sugar Alise Clark, despite a tumultuous childhood, takes life head on and strives for success. After meeting her mentor Dyna, owner and proprietor of Dymes Exotic Escort service, she takes down the path of easy money and fast living. When Sugar decides to branch out on her own, her relationship with Dyna goes sour. Now the owner of a gentleman’s club called Sugar Walls, and involved with a new love who happens to be the father of her sister’s child, Sugar leaves her past behind and forges into her future.

These decisions leave Sugar stranded and near death, unsure of who placed her there. She learns that the life that she dreamed of with a happily-ever-after ending was just a dream. She finds out that the two people that she cared about the most are on a revenge path, determined to silence Sugar forever. When tragedy strikes and life changing events are set into motion, Sugar soon realizes that fast money gets you nowhere fast.

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