SUGAR DADDY by Relentless Aaron

SUGAR DADDY by Relentless AaronToy grew into her name long before she grew up – a plaything for men in a world dominated by fast money and endless greed. As a bartender, she was used to being hit on by players… and then along came Colin. He was smart and sensitive. He had goals. And he treated Toy with respect. Colin seemed like Mr. Right… until things went really wrong.

Turns out Colin, like so many men toy has known, is caught up in the money game. He works for counterfeiting kingpin Vince Reed, a heartless puppet-master who rules with an iron fist. Luckily for Colin, business is booming, and he’s enjoying unprecedented personal and professional success. But at what cost? It’s only a matter of time before he and Toy become pawns in Reed’s cruelest game ever. Now the only things they have to lose are their lives…

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