STRAPPED by Laurinda D. Brown

Seeking escape from the pain that has become her life, Monique Cummings finds refuge the only way she knows how. Like the clothes shoved in the bottom of the duffel bag when she flees her mother’s house, she packs away the naivete of the lovely, pig-tailed young girl she used to be and replaces it with a newfound masculine boldness. Seeking refuge in a lesbian existence, Monique morphs into a street thug with the soul of a woman.

Inside the world of Strapped, life is on the real – edgy, unnerving, passionate, and true. Without the ones in your life who care, Strapped could be you. Strapped: It proves that sometimes life just happens.

Continuing where the short story “Mo” left off in her 2006 best-selling novel, Walk Like a Man, author Laurinda D. Brown again weaves a tale in Strapped that will have pages turning and tongues wagging.

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