STICK N MOVE by Shawn Black

STICK N MOVE by Shawn BlackStick and Move is the story of young Yasmina who loss her parents to a gang of Jamaican druglords at a young age during a random act of violence for initiation into the gang. Yasmina is forced to go live with her grandmother in Miami after the death of her parents. However, her life will come full-circle with her parents’ killer when she meets, Scorcher, a young man who woos her with his money, affection and power. As Yasmina falls for Scorcher, she soon finds out he was reponsible for the murder of her parents. Along the way, the drug money and lifestyle have also put a stranglehold on Yasmina. Will she choose money and love over the revenge of her parents? Find out as we embark on the journey of Yasmina and her crew, the Platinum chicks, as they make their way to the top of the drug underworld.

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Book 1: Stick N Move
Book 2: Stick N Move II
Book 3. Stick N Move III


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