SLIPPING by Y. Blak Moore

Growing up in a Chicago ghetto, seventeen-year-old Donal “Don-Don” Haskill has nothing but time on his hands – time he rarely spends in school, choosing instead to smoke weed and hang out with friends. As a child he witnessed his father’s suicide, and today Don-Don’s relationship with his mother, a worn-down cop trying to keep the family together, is tenuous at best. Then Don-Don meets a girl with a taste for crack – and his delinquent life turns violently criminal.

Consumed with chasing his next hit, alienating even his best friends, Don-Don works the streets like a pro. In pursuit of the demon, no deal is too shady. But when a huge drug transaction goes terribly awry, a bloody chain of events is set off, as Don-Don becomes a moving target, not just for the Chicago police force but for the ghetto’s most hardened thugs…

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