SECTION 8 by K’wan

Section 8: A Hood Rat NovelSince Tionna was a little girl, her on-and-off addicted mother taught her to get hers by any means necessary. Tionna’s heart is as cold as a December chill, but she holds a warm place in it for Duhan, the father of her two sons, and he on-again/off-again boyfriend since they were teenagers. Duhan becomes her knight in shining armor until the government turns their dream into a nightmare. With Duhan behind bars and everything she loves seized, she finds herself starting over in the same neighborhood she swore she’d never go back to.

With two kids, a man in prison, and no backup plan, Tionna is once again living by her wits in order to maintain the lifestyle she’d become so accustomed to. Back in the think of things with her best friends, Gucci, Boots, and Tracy, she finds out herself rediscovering her old life and suddenly wonders if she’s cut out to be a prisoner’s wife.

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Book 1: Hood Rat
Book 2: Still Hood
Book 3: Section 8
Book 4: Welfare Wifeys

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