RIDING DIRTY ON I-95 by Nikki Turner

Riding Dirty on I-95: A Novel (Nikki Turner Original)After Mercy’s beloved dad is murdered in cold blood on her seventh birthday, her mother gives her up to foster care. But despite an unsavory upbringing, Mercy vows to make something of herself – at all costs.

Working as a concierge at a hotel infamous for it’s shady clientele, Mercy meets and falls hard for a notorious dealer who keeps her livin’ large in Gucci clothes and off-the-hook apartments. Then she lands a real lucrative deal: running drugs up Interstate 95 from Miami to New York.

But Mercy doesn’t want to live the gangsta life forever. She’s got bigger dreams. She turns legit and makes her mark, yet despite a new, cleaned-up career, she can’t get the streets completely out of her blood. A sexy hustler named C-Note steals her heart, but as the relationship heats up, Mercy discovers that their pasts are hopelessly – and tragically – entwined.

Get RIDING DIRTY ON I-95and find more street lit by Nikki Turner.

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