PUSH by Relentless Aaron

PushReginald “Push” Jackson was a good kid from Harlem. He never meant to anyone any harm. His parents raised him better than that… But then they were murdered and he was left on his own. And that’s when the real trouble began…

Street fights. Guns. Drugs. Push fought his way through the back alleys to become one of Harlem’s most powerful players. He made a name for himself for being tough. But he was loyal, too. Push would do anything to keep his loving sister, and his baby nephew, out of harm’s way – until the law caught up with him, and he landed in a federal penitentiary.

Fifteen years later, Push has paid his dues. Though he had planned to leave the thug life behind once he got out of prison, he suddenly finds himself back in the game. But this time there are new players, and the rules are more dangerous – and deadly – than ever…

Get PUSH and view all street lit by Relentless Aaron.

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