Lovers and Liars by Teri Denine

Lovers and Liars by Teri DenineMultiplatinum R & B singer Journey has fulfilled her lifelong dream to become a singing sensation, but it isn’t long before she realizes that life in the limelight is not all it’s cracked up to be. She must endure the unreasonable physical and emotional demands of the “glamorous” life as a superstar while silently battling her private demons, and she dare not give up that life or she will face her abusive husband’s wrath. When her career finally becomes more than she can handle, Journey flees to Paris, where she inadvertently falls into the arms of a man who not only doesn’t know she’s famous but offers her a different life from what she’s ever known – a world away from everything that she no longer can endure. Her fame eventually finds her, though, after being stalked by paparazzi, Journey decides to return to the life she left in America and face the music with her husband, Christopher, as well as her faltering career. But things are not as easy to fix as she hoped, and a life-altering accident changes Journey and everyone around her forever.

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