IT’S LIKE CANDY by Erick S. Gray

Sisters River and Starr flee their abusive home and their drug-addicted mother when they are only teenagers. And on the cold, hard streets they lose sight of each other as they find their own hustles in order to survive.

Beautiful River joins a stick-up-crew, but she doesn’t know that Big Red and Twinkie have a secret that she’s not in on. When she falls in love with Eric, one of their victims, all she wants is to find her baby sister and settle down with her new love. But River soon becomes a prisoner in her dangerous world. And escaping may cost her more than her life.

By the time she turns sixteen, Starr is working for a pimp and turning tricks daily. But when an assault by one of her “dates” lands her in the hospital, Starr meets a woman who wants to help her change her life. Starr’s heart is too hardened to believe in second chances, but she soon begins to long for something more than selling her body just to survive. However, the game does not give up its players so easily.

Enter Eric’s cousin Yung Slim, fresh out of jail after seven years. He’s looking to reclaim the streets, and take care of some old grudges. When Yung Slim goes to battle, Eric is torn between his love for River, his ties to his cousin, and the lure of the streets – and gets in too deep. When war breaks out on the battlefield of the streets, who will be left standing?

Find more street lit by Erick S. Gray.

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