DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL by Brittani Williams

Mimi Gordon was never attracted to bad boys or men at all until she met Tony. The lavish life that Tony gave her only made her want more. After Tony, she moves on to James. James has a plan: to become a king in the inner city. Mimi’s happy life quickly turns to sadness when James’ new alias takes over turning her life upside down.

Giselle Doran is a sexy, high maintenance siren. Her father had many underground rackets, but to Giselle, he was the perfect man, and she would always be Daddy’s Little Girl. When Giselle marries Shawn, she goes from being Daddy’s Little Girl to being a queen, but the royalty doesn’t come without a price.. After losing everything, including her family, Giselle is locked away in prison for murder, and she realizes that the money, clothes, and cars mean nothing without her family, and not even the love she has for her husband can bring back everything he took away from her.

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