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CRIMINAL MINDED by Tracy BrownLamin Michaels learned at his mother’s knee the importance of chasing paper, so it’s no surprise he gets into the drug game when he’s just a teenager. When he meets Zion, a product of the New York City foster care and prison system, Lamin knows he has met the perfect partner in crime. Together, they build a huge narcotics empire.

Then Lamin falls hard for a beautiful girl named Lucky, who makes him realize that there is more to life than the hustle. When Lamin goes legit with a career in the entertainment industry, Zion tries to keep their business going both in the streets and boardroom. It’s not long before Zion become the target of a corruption scandal involving murder, extortion, and money laundering. Once the dirt is exposed, will Lamin and Zion be able to remain one step ahead, or will their paper-chasing days bring them to an unfortunate end?

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