CORPORATE CONER BOYZ by Anya NicoleChristopher Black, a.k.a. Chief, is feared in the hood of North Philadelphia. He is known as a vicious hustler who will step on any man who gets in the way of his cash flow. Brandon, his right hand man, is an Ivy League graduate who left the project mentality behind for fast cars, fast women, and Armani suits.

Together they form Indigo Records, a lucrative recording company that goes from lukewarm to hot in a matter of a year by serving platinum artists from around the country. Their friendship is simple: Chris watches Brandon’s back in the streets and Brandon watches Chris’s in the boardroom.

But things begin to unravel when Brandon meets Mia, a top model from the suburbs of Philadelphia whose beauty has graced the covers of many a glamour magazine. However, keeping Mia on his arm becomes an expensive endeavor for Brandon, leaving him with an almost non-existent bank account and condo in foreclosure. Vows of friendship are tested when the streets, sex, and greed force the long-time friends to choose between success and loyalty.

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