CHASIN’ IT by Tony Lindsay

The life and loves of Terri Parrish are filled with obsession, glamour, hot sex and very dangerous men. Once a Las Vegas headliner, she now lives on the streets of Chicago, an ex-convict and junkie looking for any way to make a few dollars and score another hit. The trouble is, Terri still desires the lights of a Las Vegas stage and the adoration of fans. When she meets with Mo-Red, and ex-lover and a chief in one of Chicago’s largest street gangs, she sees an opportunity to regain some of her former glamorous life. After all, a fool can see an opportunity, but a survivor figures out how to take it. Terri considers herself a survivor at the very least. She knows that stealing from royalty means death, but she has to take this chance of a lifetime. With Mo-Red’s money and his drugs, only one question remains – will she get out of Chicago alive?

Chasin’ It is an urban story twisted with jealousy, addiction, denial, obsession and deception. From Las Vegas’s Ceasars stage to life on Chicago’s mean streets, the lessons are hard and many for Terri in this rite of passage tale like no other. Chasin’ It will keep you spellbound from the first pages and fascinate you with a story like nothing you’ve ever read before. It is truly the wildest street story of them all.

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