Desire was born on the streets of Harlem – literally. Her mom, a crack-addicted prostitute, delivered her on a bitter winter’s night after turning a trick and being brutally beaten by the john. Taken from her mother by the state, Desire grows up in unwelcoming foster homes, until a local Good Samaritan takes her in. With Miss Hatie Mae’s love and Christian guidance, Desire gains confidence, joins the church choir, and discovers she’s got a set of pipes – which soon attract the attention of hip-hop’s biggest exec.

But the road the superstardom is paved with dangers and temptations: drugged-out, violent rappers, untrustworthy pro athletes promising romance, and vicious drugs. Despite her phenomenal success and Miss Hattie Mae’s kindness, Desire seems destined for a fall from the top that will slam her back onto the pavement where her mama left her – until an unexpected angel picks her back up…

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