A Deal with Death by Endy

A Deal with Death by EndNina Boyd is the mother of two teenage boys and a functioning drug addict. Her two sons, Malik and Marquis, understand their mother’s struggle and out of love they ignore her addiction.

Marquis, the youngest at seventeen, in Nina’s pride and joy. He has just graduated from high school and has college next on his agenda. However, Malik, who thinks he is grown at only nineteen, has dropped out of high school and made a deal with death.

Todd “Death” McClain, a well-known street-dealer, preys on young cats who want to be in the drug game. Once you’ve been recruited there is only one way out – Death!

Can Nina overcome her addiction in time to help her son? Will Marquis intervene and come to his older brother’s rescue? Will Malik’s deal with death destroy him and all that he loves?

Get A Deal with Death by and more urban fiction by Endy.

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