Don’t cry for his soul because he’s Black. Though Black is pain. Black is death. Black is despair. Black is the ghetto where he was born. And lived. As a pimp, dope addict, brutalizer of women – and other Blcks. But he cured himself of the ghetto rot. To write – as no other man ever has – about his people and his life. His name is Robert Beck. Better known by his ghetto name, Iceberg Slim. His first books brought him fame. Pimp, Trick Baby, and Mama Black Widow, a tragic, bitter family portrait. They were honest books – sensitive portraits of ghetto life and people. But this book, THE NAKED SOUL OF ICEBERG SLIM, is his most disturbing. Because he searches the artist’s soul in a collection of personal essays that are full of passion and razor-sharp perception. And when his soul is naked, you see the hurt of a man who feels too much and cares to much. This is a great book. Read it.

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