STREET LEGENDS by Seth Ferranti

STREET LEGENDS by Seth FerrantiIn a time where the world is infatuated by the streets, learn firsthand what a trye hustler is – and the price they pay for the crown. This book profiles some of the streets most feared and respected gangsters of the late 20th century. They invented “Ball til you fall.” read their stories and see if it was worth it.

Death before dishonor is their creed and omerta is their code. the six gangsters featured here epitomize the definition of a street legend. they were down with the stop snitching movement from the jump. And they are serving life sentences for holding their weight. This book profiles the street legends of the crack era like never before.

Kilo’s of cocaine and heroin, millions of dollars of drug money, luxury customized cars, dime pieces galore, bling bling to shine, multitudes of violence and vicious murder – these dudes were street stars and their lifestyles are what gangsta rap represents. Read their stories and ride shotgun with a hood legend.

Get STREET LEGENDS and view all street lit by Seth Ferranti.

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