MERCEDES LADIES by Sheri SherGrowing up in the South Bronx during the 1970s, Shelly Shel doesn’t have it easy. Often left to fend for herself while her single mother works nights to support her and her eleven siblings, Shelly’s harsh reality does not stop her from dreaming of busting out of the ‘hood. When she hears rap music for the first time at a house party, she knows she’s found her calling.

Hip hop quickly becomes Shelly’s whole life as she forms an all-girl crew called The Mercedes Ladies and soon they are rocking all the biggest park jams and block parties. The crew has enough talent to move the crowd, but earning respect in a male-dominated world where women are easily dismissed as mere sex objects proves a tougher task. And there’s no telling if there skills will be enough to shield them from the dangers of the streets – or their own inner demons.

A gritty, riveting novel based on the true adventures of the first all-female MC and DJ crew in hip hop history, MERCEDES LADIES is an unforgettable tale of innocence lost and sisterhood found – and destined to become a hip hop classic.

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