DOOM FOX by Iceberg Slim

Propelled by the story of Joe “Kong” Allen and his gorgeous, treacherous wife, Doom Fox is the last in Iceberg Slim’s legendary series of underground novels. Written in 1978 and unpublished until now, Doom Fox is a tale of the Los Angeles ghetto that begins after World War II and spans the next thirty years. In the no-holds-barred tradition of Chester Himes, Doom Fox captures a violent, vivid world of low riding chippie-catchers, prizefighters, prostitutes, and smooth-talking preachers.

With books such as Pimp, Trick Baby, and The Long White Con, Iceberg Slim detailed life among the hustlers in the inner city and reinvented the concept of cool. his books became underground classics, advertised and circulated by word of mouth. Stylish and uncensored, Doom Fox brings his unforgettable voice to the players of today.

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