DIAMOND PLAYGIRLS by Daaimah S. Poole, Miasha, Deja King, T. Styles

Four beautiful, professional women, living on separate floors of a Harlem brownstone are about to discover they have a lot more in common than just their address…

Dior’s name is no accident – she’s got a taste for finer things in life, and New York City is just the place to find them. So far she’s got the job and the apartment. Now she needs the man – and she hopes she’s found him on the Internet. Dior is prepared to find out on Valentine’s Day…

Party promoter Tamara has been recruited from Atlanta to open a hot new club. All the women in her family are known for their great looks, great cooking – and the fact that they can’t stay married. Tamara is hoping to break the tradition. But is dating two different men the best strategy?

With beauty, brains, and a hefty bank account, Chloe is a BAP on a mission: she wants to run a top magazine. But just as she’s up for a big promotion her boyfriend gives her an ultimatum. Will Chloe choose to follow her ambition – or her heart?

Casting director Mona-Lisa works hard – and plays even harder. She’s avoided relationships her whole life. When a tragedy opens her eyes to the possibility of true love, she’s compelled to share a special day with a man from her past. But she’s overlooked some crucial details…

One by one, each woman crosses paths at a local club on Valentine’s Day – and the secrets about to be revealed will forever change their lives….

Find more street lit by Deja King and T. Styles.

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