Y. Blak Moore

Y. Blak Moore lives in Chicago. He is the author of Triple Take, The Apostles, Slipping: A Novel. His new book, Triple Take 2: Champagne’s Kiss, will be released soon.

Who are your favorite street fiction authors or street fiction books? And why are they special to you?

My favorite authors are: Jihad, Travis Hunter, Donald Goines, and Iceberg Slim. They all have written wonderful, exciting, breathtaking fiction that just happens to deal with the urban side of things.

Do you have a special routine or rituals when you write?

I don’t really own any rituals, more like practices. I hope to have total silence,(which is rare, I’ve got children) except for maybe a television playing in the background, or some music. I usually write early in morning and continue to afternoon.

What are you working on now?

A collection of short stories. It’s turning out to become interesting to me, that’s how I know that I’ve got something when I become interested in it and can’t wait to write the next line, page, chapter, etc.

How did you become a writer?

It’s something that was always in me. I’ve always been an avid fiction reader, so the transition into telling my stories was almost natural.

How has life as a former gangmember, and now a social worker, given you a unique perspective to write street fiction?

I guess it gives me a chance to embed messages in my work. At lot of stuff ordinary people wouldn’t catch, but if you live a certain lifestyle the messages and information applies directly to your life. With a book like The Apostles, I was able to explore all sides of the gang life as we know it in Chicago, the consequences, the loyalty, the betrayal, the hatred, whatever. That’s a blessing in itself just being able to show both sides of the coin to people.

Why is street fiction important and why should people read it? Why should librarians purchase street fiction?

Though I don’t totally agree with everything being slapped on the shelves and marketed as “street fiction”, I have to admit that reading anything, especially something that interests you greatly has the effect of making you want to read more. Though I love urban fiction, my love reading has carried me to many worlds, from reading the classics to sci-fi to non-fiction to fantasy to self-help books, etc.

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