What would you do for your man? Would you whore for him? Victoria Gray is one of the most beautiful women to ever set foot on the hoe stroll. She goes through a tragic childhood only to be found by a love she never knew existed. Babyface, the love of her life, changes her whole perspective of living by saving her from a world of turmoil only to walk her into a Hell of his own.

Victoria’s Secret is the most realistic story of today’s new age pimping with a classy-thuggish style. It takes you on a journey through some of the harshest slums of our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., and rushes you to some of the most talked about flamboyant clubs in Atlanta, Georgia! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you’ll travel through the gang infested streets of Chicago only to land a spot in the heart of one of the biggest Pimp cities of the world, Memphis, Tennessee… the home of the infamous Playa’s Ball where every pimp dreams of becoming “Pimp of the Year.”

Victoria’s Secret will command you as you read her story all through the pages of her diary. You’ll go through mood swings of pain, joy, sadness, happiness, love, and hate. You’ll also fall in love with characters so real… they’ll materialize right before your eyes only to leave you begging for more.

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