The Don Divas by Keisha Howard (ebook)

The Don Divas by Keisha HowardMeet five of Virginia’s most well-known exotic Dancers…The Don Divas.

Luscious, the “big sister” type, Chocolate, the feisty chic that doesn’t hold her tongue for no one, Juicy, the diva, Golden Brown, the not so well put together one and Bay-Bay the atheist.

These Ladies will do whatever it takes to make ends meet if it means setting up gangstas or hustling what their mamas gave them for a quick buck. Ride along with these ladies on their journey of deceit, heartaches and pain, ups and downs and all the grimy things that they will do to get their money by any means necessary!

You will find that every dancer has a story and a reason for what they do for a living and maybe understand the “hustle” a little more. These ladies have been through it all but have persevered every obstacle that stood in their way!

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