SUPREME CLIENTELE by Ashley JaQuavisSupreme Clientele is a tale of love, war, money, and betrayal. When Zya’s boyfriend, Jules, is sentenced to a five-year bid, he temporarily hands his operation over to her. With little street knowledge, Zya turns his small operation into an untouchable empire. When she becomes connected to a Cuban drug lord, the sky is the limit. She becomes responsible for six percent of the drugs being imported into the U.S. With this connect, she begins an underground network called Supreme Clientele, a rountable where only the elite are allowed. When Jules is released from prison, he wants back what is rightfully his. But Zya isn’t willing to hang it up and play wifey. You can’t turn a bad girl good, but once a good girl turns bad, she’s gone forever. Jealousy threatens Zya’s position, and the people she thought she was closest to, are the ones praying on her downfall.

Ashley and JaQuavis pen a fast-paced, suspenseful tale of one of Harlem’s biggest drug lords, her rise to power, and her ultimate fall from grace. Walk with them as they narrate the greatest story never told.

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