Loyalty and the Bed You Lie In by T R Nairn

Loyalty and the Bed You Lie In by T R Nairn‘Diamond and her friends, Meko and Rae are doing big things. Friends since child-hood, the trio have had a long lasting relationship and have managed to build themselves a small empire. Trust and loyalty are the main staples that hold these girls together and helped them achieve their success.
When unexpected murders, sex and jealousy come into play, will the girls bond remain tight or will their strengths be tested?
Author T R Nairn will have you engrossed from page one of this mesmerizing tale full of twists and turns. This book has all of the sex, drugs, murder and betrayal we have grown to love and expect from urban street lit. The difference is you will not only read this engaging tale, you will feel the emotions as you go on this roller-coaster ride of urban fiction at its best.

Get Loyalty and the Bed You Lie In and more urban fiction by T R Nairn.

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