EYES ON THE PRYZE by Felisha Bradshaw

Chase Pryze and his identical twin brother, Caine, are taken from their drug-addicted parents, and separated at birth. Each twin suffers through a harsh childhood, and believes the other twin leads a charmed life.

The streets make the twins hard and hungry for the grind. While Caine rises to power in New York City’s drug world, Chase reigns in the streets of Bridgeport, Connecticut. At the age of twenty-two, the twins meet face-to-face as rival drug lords; each seeking to destroy the other. Chase will not go down without a fight… neither will Caine.

Through taut narrative and dialog, Eyes on the Pryze explores the lies, greed, and deceit living in the twins’ camps, which threaten to cause each brother to lose everything; including his life at the hands of his twin.

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