DeVaughn Lilly

What are the titles of the urban fiction books you have had published?

The Magnificent Life of Gravvy Brown – also available as an eBook

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started writing?

I am a 30 year old author, novelist, artist and publisher from Cleveland, Ohio. I was raised by a houseful of the strongest black woman in the world, they are who inspired me to just be myself and to follow my heart. I enjoy writing novels and poetry, shopping, exercising, and attending fashion shows and art exhibits. I love to travel and to learn new things. My dream is to totally revolutionize this entire industry. I want to make it cool to read again, for a whole new generation. My goal with this novel is to hit number 1 on the New York Times best sellers list and to win the Pulitzer Prize for best fiction novel next year. My writing talents derive from having an over active imagination and love of entertaining people.

Do you have a special routine when you write?

My routine when I write is to totally take myself out of being me and put myself into the story I am creating. I completely embody my characters, story lines and settings.

Tell us more about your last book, and what are you working on now?

My first novel, “THE MAGNIFICENT LIFE OF GRAVVY BROWN” is a historical piece that is set in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is a story about a twenty year old man who sits on death row for the brutal, unbelievable death of his mother. ‘Gravvy Brown’ is his name and on the eve of his execution for this crime he sits down with a journalist to tell him and his mothers life stories. He eloquently tells the story of his mothers humble and ruff beginnings in the harsh streets of New Orleans to her reign as the biggest star in Hollywood. Gravvy claims to be innocent of this crime as he pleads his love for the woman he is accused of murdering. This is a very intriguing and suspenseful tale that takes you on a literary journey unlike any you have ever been on before.

My new novel that I am finishing now is called, “THE RISING PHOENIX”. This is a modern day story about a tortured and troubled musician from the streets of Cleveland, Ohio who makes a name for himself in the music industry through his unbelievable talents and then seemingly takes his own life. He is never able to shake his tormented past and nightmares and eventually it catches up with him.

Who’s your favorite character from your books? Why?

In “THE MAGNIFICENT LIFE OF GRAVVY BROWN” my favorite characters are, The main character- Rose Brown “Mama”- Her character is very ambitious and hard working. She over comes alot in the persuit of chasing her dreams. She is very inspirational to woman of all races, creeds and ages.

Gravvy Brown- He is a very open and honest character who bares his heart and soul for the sake of the truth.

Ms. Delores- A madam, mother and hustler, who’s passion for what she believes inn drives her to great success. And she takes no mess out of no one!

Pork- He is a street kid and thug who is one of mama’s best-friends.

Tell Us Your Top Ten Favorite Books that You’ve Read

The Magnificent Life of Gravvy Brown by DeVaughn Lilly
The Color Purple by Alice Walker
The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah
Go Tell It On The Mountain by James Baldwin
If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin
Souls of Black Folks by WEB DuBois
Dope Fiend by Donald Goines
Whoreson by Donald Goines
Misery by Stephen King
Waiting to Exhale by Terry McMillan

What do you say to critics of street fiction?

BRAVO!!!! Thanks for looking out for the under dogs!

Why should librarians purchase street fiction for their collections?

Because street fiction novels are relevant to telling the stories of the lives people live everyday. This is a very important part of African American Literature.
What advice do you have for new authors who hope to publish their urban fiction books?
My advice would be to stay true to who you are and write from the heart and you can’t lose.

Any final words for fans of your books?

This novel was written to evoke thought, educate, entertain and inspire everyone to be the best you can be and to follow your dreams. Also, the website is in the works, but you can friend me on Facebook @ DeVaughn Lilly.

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